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Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme Apply Online Eligibility Loan Registration 2024

A new scheme for women is also being implemented in Telangana state. Today, on March 12, 2024, Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana was launched by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy. How to apply online for Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana, how to register in this scheme, What will be the eligibility of Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana, what documents will be required to apply for the scheme, what percentage of interest will be charged on the loan in Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana, how to get the loan etc. We are going to tell you all the information here. TS Mahila Shakti Scheme Recruitment Notification 2024 PDF Download

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Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme 2024

Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme 2024 Apply Online & Registration Process

This Mahila Shakti Yojana is being implemented with the aim of empowering women in Telangana, transforming SHG members from mere participants to prosperous industries, providing financial empowerment and employment opportunities to women. The initial goal of this scheme is to provide a high standard of living to 63.86 lakh members.The earlier name of this ambitious scheme was Indira Kranti Patham, which has now been changed to Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy launched this scheme in the presence of thousands of members present at the Parade Ground in Secunderabad.

To get the benefit of this scheme, first of all you will have to register in it, after that you will have to apply online. Below we are explaining the entire process step by step as to what will be the procedure to apply online.

తెలంగాణ మహిళా శక్తి పథకం 2024 ప్రయోజనాలు, లోన్ వడ్డీ & మొత్తం

ఈ పథకం కింద మహిళలను లక్షపతి నుంచి కోటీశ్వరులుగా మార్చడమే తెలంగాణ ప్రభుత్వ లక్ష్యం. ఈ పథకం కింద, స్వయం సహాయక సంఘాల సభ్యులకు 0% వడ్డీకి రుణాలు అందించబడతాయి. SHG సభ్యుడు ప్రమాదంలో లేదా మరేదైనా సహజ కారణాల వల్ల మరణిస్తే, అతని రుణం కూడా మాఫీ చేయబడుతుంది. మొదటి దశలో, ఈ పథకంలో 63.86 లక్షల మంది మహిళలకు జీవిత బీమా సౌకర్యం ఉంది, దీని కింద వారి జీవిత బీమా రూ. 5 లక్షల వరకు అందించబడుతుంది. ప్రతి గ్రామ గ్రూపునకు ఈ మొత్తాన్ని అందజేస్తారు.

సర్కార్ ఈ యోజన కోసం లగభాగ 5 కరోడ్ రూపే ఖర్చు కరేగి, జిసమెం ఒక కరోడ్ జాగా. తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రంలో జో భీ మహిళా ఉద్యోగపతి జాంగే. ఇసకే సాథ్ హీ ఉంహేం సిలై శిక్షణ భీ దియా జాగా తథా స్కూల్ పాఠశాల పుస్తకాలు దియే జాంగే

TS Mahila Shakti Scheme 2024 Overview

Scheme NameTS Mahila Shakti Scheme
Launch date12 March 2024
Who is EligibleOnly TS Woman
Earlier NameIndira Kranthi Patham (IKP)
RegistrationClick here
Apply Online LinkApply now

Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana 2024, any woman candidate must have the following qualifications. Any applicant applying must be a permanent resident of Telangana state. He should have a certificate of original residence certificate. The applicant must belong to a Self Help Group in Telangana State. Only female members will be eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme Documents

  • Aadhar Number
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Passbook
  • Income Certificate
  • Mobile Number & Email ID
  • Colour Photo

How to Apply Online in Telangana Mahila Shakti Scheme 2024 Official website

  • This scheme has been implemented on 12 March.
  • Soon its official website will also be published, the link of which will be updated here.
  • By clicking on that link you go to the home page.
  • There you will see the option of Mahila Shakti Yojana 2024.
  • On scrolling down, the Apply Online link will appear. Click on this link.
  • As soon as you click, a registration form will open in front of you, in which information about the applicant will be asked.
  • And necessary documents will have to be uploaded.
  • Finally, review the registration form filled by you and click on the submit button.
  • After clicking, your application will go online. The department will examine it and approve it

Telangana Woman Loan Scheme Recruitment 2024 FAQs

How much can Loan Amount get in Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana?

5 Lakh

What percentage of interest will be charged on loan under Telangana Mahila Shakti Yojana?

0% Interest